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On 080311 Keith Bedingham made a presentation entitled "Achieving More with Less" to the Public Sector.


Achieving More with Less


After cuts to public spending and after the recently announced redundancies, the public sector is facing the greatest challenge for over a generation: -


*Entering unchartered territory, many local authority leaders state that they are running out of ideas.


*On average, a public sector employee spends the equivalent of 1 day per week collecting and reporting data that will never be used in a meaningful way.


*Business processes run at about 40% efficiency (compared to private sector approximately 60%)


*More than 65% of councils had not started a strategy review by last December (despite announcing budget cuts and redundancies)


*Performance Management practices hold the key to efficiency gains.


*There is a massive skills, practices and leadership gap in UK public sector


*Need for alignment. Too much is performed in isolation.


Staff are treated as costs, not an investment that will produce value added contributions

The Answer  -  Fast and Value for Money


Fast and accurate, the Verax expert diagnostic system will produce a scientifically calculated, comprehensive blueprint of the organisation you need. It will enable you to deliver your strategic results, services, cost efficiencies etc. It will ensure alignment of systems, structures, processes and behaviour. It provides a tool for action, a tool for communication.


The system analyses what is currently happening in the organisation and the results currently achieved. It then creates a gap analysis and makes recommendations about what to do to achieve the strategic results needed.


Ongoingly, the real time system keeps you in control. It ensures staff commitment to new ways of doing things. It provides constant monitoring of what you do. It gives you virtually instant feedback on what you do, confirming successful interventions and highlighting areas for fine tuning.


It forecasts what the future is likely to look like and makes specific recommendations about what to do to achieve your goals, while calculating a Return on Investment.


Measuring Human Capital


The system measures, in financial terms, the contribution that individuals and groups make to the organisation. It diagnoses what happens in the organisation that hinders or facilitates contribution. The system treats staff as assets, not purely costs. It overcomes the problem of losing talent at times of mass or voluntary redundancies. It has major implications for selection and development strategies.

Within a few weeks of starting the process you will start to benefit as others have e.g.


Public Sector agency - 26% increase in efficiency


Scottish council saving £40,000p.a. on “wasted” training


Loss to $160M EBITDA in 3 years – international chemicals


£5M p.a. savings in small business unit of FTSE100 company.

*Ref: The Advanced Performance Institute (API) Research Report, January 2011

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