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HR Management Challenges


Life’s a challenge! So what makes HR Special? The business landscape is transforming so fast that HR currently face many new challenges that will continue to evolve over the years to come.


PwC recently completed a global survey of HR Challenges on behalf of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (of which CIPD is a member). Although a global survey, one of the surprising findings is the high level of unanimity especially in the developed world.


The first finding is that businesses are changing their expectations about HR. They are now expecting HR departments to be adding real business value to their organisation and be able to prove it.


Since Human Resources is a business driven function, effectiveness depends on a thorough understanding of the strategic direction as well as the ability to influence key policies and decisions.


Ten major challenges were identified but the top 4 stood head and shoulders above the rest.


1. Change Management


Since generally, this has not been a focal point for HR professional training and development, Change Management represents a particular challenge for HR. It is cited in the survey as the foremost issue as HR attempts to help businesses move forward. Extra competencies may need to be added to deal with change management. The other issue revolves around defining and measuring success in this area. Incidentally Change Management has had a reputation of not delivering the objectives and business results that were looked for originally – so even more of a challenge!


2. Leadership Development


The challenge is to demonstrate that Leadership Development is truly a critical strategic initiative. HR will have to provide the essential structures, processes and tools to select, develop and retain the best in the context of the business strategy and the future direction of travel. Managers need to be equipped appropriately to take on leadership roles of the future in order to ensure that the organisation is viable in the long term. Leadership Development has to align directly with the business strategy.


3. Organisational Effectiveness Measurement


This is not about reading the P&L, balance sheet or financial ratios. This is about being able to diagnose, and analyse what is happening in the organisation that produces the results shown in the P&L etc. For example it is being able to show how the culture of the organisation supports the performance needed to achieve the business objectives and gain market position. Are leaders doing the most appropriate thing? Are systems and processes including Performance Management, Compensation etc aligned with the strategy? How appropriate is the organisation structure? These and similar issues have, until now been on the periphery of HR. It seems that this is changing.


4. HR Effectiveness Management


Improvement cannot happen and be believable without the right tools to measure HR Effectiveness. The profession will need to measure results, not just in transaction management, but in terms of its positive impact on the business e.g. the financial value of engagement to the business, ROI on learning & development, ROI on new hires etc. Using effectiveness metrics like these, start to shift the perceptions held by senior management of HR, from an administration function to a true strategic business partner within the organisation.




As these are very important issues for HR and consultants who support client organisations, early in the New Year we are planning to run a series of 4 showcases, one devoted to each of these challenges.


Each showcase will give you a chance to discuss each issue with other HR professionals who face similar challenges to yourself.


We will explain the relevant Verax solution to the particular challenge. You will hear from organisations that have faced the challenge, what they have done, and the results they have achieved.


You will take away: -


Ideas that you can implement yourself

Documentation and case studies and presentation notes

A voucher offering a discount on your first order of Verax Diagnostic measures subsequent to the showcase



There will be a small fee for each showcase of £40.00 plus VAT per head. Places are genuinely limited, so it would help us if you would indicate your interest in any of the above topics.



Showcase Schedule


All showcases will be held at Wyvols Court, Swallowfield, Reading, RG27 1WY and will be held on a Friday. Times are 12:30 for a 1:00pm start. Finish time 4:00pm. Light refreshments will be available on arrival.


Please register your interest by completing the events form






- Change Management - Organisational Effectiveness aligned with Business Strategy


- Leadership Development - Aligning Leaders with Business Strategy


- HR Effectiveness Management - Measuring the effectiveness of H.R.


- Business Effectiveness - Assessing & Measuring Organisation Culture Effectiveness

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