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NEWSLETTER - JULY 2017 Preparing for the World of Work For the last couple of years the government has been placing greater emphasis on the need to increase and improve apprenticeship training. Back in early 2015, the then Education minister said. “We are committed to helping schools ensure that more children develop a set of character traits, attributes and behaviours that underpin success in education and work, such as: • Perseverance, Resilience and Grit • Confidence and Optimism • Motivation, Drive and Ambition • Neighbourliness and Community Spirit • Tolerance and Respect • Honesty, Integrity and Dignity • Conscientiousness, Curiosity and Focus.” At the time, the government awarded grants to schools, colleges and employers to promote programmes to develop these characteristics. I don’t know where the Government found their list of characteristics, but they were spot on. The characteristics are (based on various research studies, including our own – the basis of our Personal Effectiveness Profile – PEP) the underpinning of success – successful entrepreneurs, successful leaders, successful medics, sports people, successful military leaders – in short, Successful People who are able to make things happen! Wouldn’t it be great if we gave the current generation of young people this gift – the basis of success. A gift to last them the rest of their lives. One far-sighted client decided that each of the 400 apprentices a year they recruit – from school leavers to those in their late 20s who may be on their second or third job – would benefit from understanding themselves as people, potentially high contributors, should be given a nudge in the right direction. Each apprentice completes their PEP-Choices (a special version of PEP for young people) inventory and has their report debriefed, either in small groups or 1 to 1. Small group work is seen as more advantageous as they can practise various behaviours, skills, techniques, in a non-risk environment, and start to immediately apply their learning, either working on minimising what gets in the way or building effectiveness skills and attitudes. Their line managers continue to coach them on the job and after 6 months they get a re-measure. The client’s head of learning and development claims that the first contingent to work through this process is seen as more mature and responsible by line managers. The apprentices themselves get a lot from it, resulting in comments like: “Really helped me understand myself better” “I feel ready for the world of work” “I feel more responsible for myself – I have grown up on this course” “The best few days of my life so far” Do you know any young people about to leave school or join the workforce who could benefit?
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