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Sustainable Talent Management

Going beyond personality

Going beyond personality. Sustainable Talent Management for Strategy Achievement – not just now but in the future too.


All businesses need effective people – those who achieve results, initiate and manage change, engage with colleagues and remain stress free


Productive Talent Delivers Results


Organisations are interested in productivity and performance. Only people can produce them. In a "cause - effect" world, people need to do appropriate things to achieve what the organisation needs.


Conventional approaches e.g. personality tests and typical 360s cannot and do not show the "cause - effect" link between what someone does and what they achieve. They may give fairly reliable pictures of typical behaviour patterns that an individual may demonstrate, but they do not deal in effectiveness.


They are typically more about "conformance" than "performance".


Few identify the major blockages or de-railers. Ignoring these can only result in disappointment for the individual and the organisation and possible failure.


The PEP family addresses all these issues from recruitment to development - making the individual productive and resilient, through aligning them with the organisation's current and future business strategy in the process.



The key to effectiveness is Adaptability. Adaptability correlates highly with on job effectiveness and success. Adaptability is especially important in global organisations where staff are transferred internationally as they need to make major adaptations to new circumstances, quickly.


 “De-railers” identify the personal characteristics of those individuals who are unlikely to fit in to your organisation, or who do things that discount all the good things they do.

Our diagnostic analysis shows how current levels of Adaptability behaviour, skills, emotional intelligence and reasoning skills impact the results achieved by your staff members. This provides high levels of precision in development programmes, avoiding the traditional sheep-dip approach and a clear focus on the future of the business.


Removing the “act of faith”, our financial ROI calculation enables you to see the precise financial value to the organisation of talent development based on our methodology. This makes HR or Learning and Development a true strategic business partner, demonstrating the value in financial terms to the long term success of the business



One FM client increased the contribution made by one their 12 person middle management teams by over £12M pa as a result of a Verax Personal Effectiveness Talent Management intervention.


One consulting group landed a £25M contract as a direct result of a focused Personal Effectiveness Talent Management programme with one embedded client team.


A hospital multi ethnic and multi disciplinary team turned a fractious, hostile environment around into a satisfying, achieving climate.

We enable you to calculate a financial ROI on your Talent Management programme so proving the financial impact on business results.


We can undertake all the consulting and diagnostic work with you. Alternatively we can train your own facilitators or preferred consulting providers in our methodology for a cost effective solution.

Our Approach:

Sales Effectiveness Profile (SEP)

Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness - As above but specifically researched for Sales and Customer  Service Staff

PEP-Choices (PEP-C)

For new entrants to the work-place.

(school-leavers, graduates, apprentices) - Measures and analyses their behaviour and personal characteristics that are responsible for effectiveness at work and in general, results achievement, contributing to strategy & performance.


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