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Verax has been providing fast, accurate and cost effective solutions for successful organisational change for more than 20 years. Our approaches have been implemented from Scandinavia, to South Africa, from America throughout Europe, the Middle East Asia, and Australasia.


Successes achieved by Verax Clients

  • Post Merger transformation from loss-maker to $600M profit in 4 years (International Chemicals)
  • Profit doubled in 3 years –(General Insurance)
  • City Law firm increased revenue by 19% in two years
  • Over £5M savings identified in NHS Hospital
  • £3.8M savings in year 1, £5M p.a. in years 2-5 in small supply chain.


Added Value from Verax

Verax gives you specific and unique performance information about your organisation, in real time, that enables you to make enlightened, highly informed decisions to enhance its performance.


Verax does not just measure outputs e.g. revenue, financial returns, market share, customer loyalty etc. Verax identifies the causal factors that have created those achievements or performance shortfalls.


Through its unique methodology, Verax takes the guesswork out of change and makes the job of decision making and targeted intervention far more successful.




Typical applications include growth, mergers and acquisitions, organisational transformation and change, improved project management, customer retention, human capital quantification, health and safety performance, etc.


Often, organisational problems look the same but causes can be very different. This can lead to £Ms being spent on the wrong solution. ( £20M in the case of one client National Utility Company).


We research, develop and produce diagnostics that identify the real causes. They diagnose the specific causal links between what goes on in your organisation, what you do in your market place and the business and organisational results you achieve.


Our integrated system, directly aligned to your business strategy enables you to interrogate in depth all or any level of organisational performance. We provide solutions for the organisation as a whole, for teams, departments, leaders, managers and individuals. This provides a common vocabulary, a common approach and alignment with the business strategy.


Organisations are constantly changing (re-structures, mergers and acquisitions, re-branding, outsourcing, senior executive changes etc). We give you the key information, unavailable  elsewhere, in real time, as and when things happen, so that problems can be nipped in the bud, and you can take the opportunities to deliver success.



“Verax” comes from the Latin “Veritas”, Truth. We have always tried to present the truth of what is happening in our client organisations through our unique methodology. Our investment in continuous research enables you to stay ahead of the game.


Today, “the truth” is even harder to find in the quantity of data swirling around.  Clear evidence about what is actually happening  is hard to come by, but even more important if success is to be achieved in an ever increasingly competitive world.


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