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Nationally more than 75% of projects overrun on timescales, budget and even then do not always deliver what was promised.


Your projects will be aligned completely with the business strategy and the results achieved will contribute directly to business performance.



Projecting Success.


Wouldn't you like to have all your projects come in on time and on budget?

Efficient Project Management



Interventions at project manager level mean that they focus their time and attention so that you get the result you require and stakeholders are satisfied. Managers cannot revert to their comfort zones of technical know how, which is typical of how many project managers work now. We identify the project de-railers, whether these are found in your project management system or in the individual project managers, thus removing the main reasons for project failure.

Early preventative and corrective action


Our unique research into the real drivers of project performance and effective (and ineffective) project management provides you with a robust reliable methodology for monitoring in real time what is happening in projects and how that affects the current and future results and outcomes. This enables early preventive and corrective action to be taken while monitoring the engagement of project staff and project stakeholders.


Your project teams will share goals in line with project mileposts and objectives, in turn aligned to the long term business strategy so that everyone and everything is pulling in the same direction, thus maximising the contribution of each team member.  Teams work cooperatively with other teams in the project to their mutual advantage based on a robust, rigorous and objective analysis of project team effectiveness and relationships with other teams






One major defence project was several years behind and many £M over budget. Using the robust Verax Project methodology for analysing the true causes of delays and overruns and focusing on precisely what to do in the future, within 12 months the project was back on track in terms of time and cost.


Calculate a financial ROI on Project Management interventions proving the value to the business of intervening the right way at the right time.


We can undertake all the consultancy and diagnostic work with you. Alternatively we can train your facilitators or preferred consultancy providers in our methodology for a cost effective solution.

Our Approach:


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