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Creating your high performance organisation – achieving your strategic objectives and a guaranteed financial ROI.


Typically organisation change is ambiguous, hit and miss, and in 75% of cases unsuccessful in terms of achieving its stated objectives often because of the culture and organisational de-railers.


The Verax approach delivers success and improved business results.

Organisational Change & Transformation


Why waste time and money gathering data the old fashioned way, with teams of consultants asking questions and finally producing a report that tells you what you already know about what works or does not.


At a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time Verax OTI and CSVS will deliver objective, researched,  practical solutions to help you achieve your future goals and objectives - not a focus on the past.


We have a cause effect world. Your results are caused by what is done. The results you want to achieve in future will be determined by what you do differently in future. We explain precisely and explicitly what that needs to look like.


One client turned a loss making company to break even within 6 months and a $600M profit generator within 4 years.


Another, post merger, saved over £3.5M in year one and £5M pa for the next 4 years for an investment of £30,000pa.

You can save time, money and hassle while increasing certainty of success – and know for sure, (through our calculating the financial ROI on the intervention), the value to your business of working with us.


We can do all the consulting and diagnostic work with you or alternatively, if you have internal OD resources or a preferred provider we can train you to use our methodology, giving you a cost effective solution.

Our Approach :


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