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Since the early part of this century Verax has continuously researched, internationally, what is responsible for and what creates effective organisations, teams, leaders and individuals. Based on that research we have produced robust, valid and reliable diagnostics to enable organisations and individuals to improve results.


Online data collection, intelligent analysis, delivers current, up-to-the-minute results, fast - within days, not weeks or months later


We have achieved the ISO 27001:2017 certification for information security management systems. This internationally recognised standard provides assurance that Verax International maintains the highest levels of security for handling of client data and information.

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What do we mean by "Effective" ? In our research, some of the effectiveness criteria defined by clients includes:- consistent achievement of goals aligned to the business strategy enjoying mutually rewarding relationships with other stakeholders successfully managing change minimal conflict or stress What is our research ? All our research is empirical, i.e. what real people, in real organisations, in the real world actually do to achieve effectiveness - and on a global basis. This is really important as all recommendations in our reports are practical, based on what others have done in the real world to improve their results. Successes achieved by Verax Clients Post Merger transformation from loss-maker to $600M profit in 4 years (International Chemicals) Profit doubled in 3 years –(General Insurance) City Law firm increased revenue by 19% in two years Over £5M savings identified in NHS Hospital £3.8M savings in year 1, £5M p.a. in years 2-5 in small supply chain. What makes Verax diagnostics different ? First, they are true diagnostics - they contain a "cause - effect" analysis. They don't just measure what is happening. They analyse how what is currently being done actually impacts on business performance, customers, change, productivity etc - all aligned to your business strategy. They can, uniquely, analyse the gaps between what is currently being done and what needs to be done in order to achieve the results needed by the business strategy, and then produce practical, do-able recommendations to achieve success. Applications Typical applications include growth, mergers and acquisitions, organisational transformation and change, improved project management, customer retention, human capital quantification, health and safety performance, etc., including preparing young people for the world of work. Directly aligned to your business strategy, our diagnostics enable you to interrogate in depth all or any level of organisational performance. We provide solutions for the organisation as a whole, for teams, departments, leaders, managers and individuals. This provides a common vocabulary, a common approach and alignment with the business strategy. Organisations are constantly changing (re-structures, mergers and acquisitions, re-branding, outsourcing, senior executive changes etc). We give you the key information, unavailable elsewhere, in real time, as and when things happen, so that problems can be nipped in the bud, and you can take the opportunities to deliver success. Truth “Verax” comes from the Latin “Veritas”, Truth. “The truth” is even harder to find in the uncertainties and fake news of today. Clear evidence about what is actually happening is hard to come by, but ever more important, if success is to be achieved in an increasingly competitive world.

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