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    A Team of Stars        or           A Star Team?


Team Development in the Real World

An effective team is one that delivers the results the organisation needs.

Team Effectiveness

A team is a group of individuals who all share a common goal and where there is inter-dependency among members.

For your organisation to be successful, your teams need to be mature and behave and perform directly in line with your strategic objectives and the appropriate culture.

Based on our research into effective teams, each of your teams is scientifically and robustly diagnosed and facilitated to improve business results, effect change, increase engagement, work more effectively with other groups.


Our comprehensive diagnostic approach to teamwork includes: -


  • Team maturity
  • Team effectiveness de-railers
  • Individual members, their contribution and relationships
  • Team processes, their efficiency and performance
  • Relationships with other groups – joint responsibilities and relationships.

Our robust, objective, diagnostic approach enables your teams to increase their effectiveness fast!


They will know precisely what to do to perform better. Through understanding what is working well or hindering the team's performance, through increased trust between team members, higher quality decisions are made at the right level, communications within and from the team are clearer and all team members are committed to playing their part and contributing to results. Relationships and trust between teams and hence throughout the organisation are natural consequences.



Some 65% of teams that have used our Team Effectiveness approach have been measured after 4 – 6 months as significantly more effective. You can quantify the value to your organisation of this increased effectiveness through the use of our financial ROI calculator. This confirms the value of the team intervention in financial terms and proves the increase in business results.




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