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Effective people achieve their goals; enjoy mutually rewarding relationships with others; successfully initiate and manage change; are emotionally stable - as a result, deliver the results that the organisation strategy demands.

What PEP has done for Others


  • Reduction in sickness and absenteeism resulting in £m savings in one emergency service organisation.
  • Huge increase in team effectiveness (32% increase) in sales team in hi-tech client.
  • One FM client increased the contribution made by one of their 12 person middle management teams by over £12m pa as a result of a Verax Personal Effectiveness Profile intervention.
  • One consulting group landed a £50m contract as a direct result of a focused Personal Effectiveness Profile team programme with one embedded client team.
  • A hospital multi ethnic and multi disciplinary team turned a fractious, hostile environment around into a satisfying, achieving climate.

Success and Effectiveness


What makes someone successful or even effective? They get judged by the results they achieve for their employer and for themselves. It is not about personality.


As we face political and economic uncertainties, organisations will need to make very significant changes to survive. Employees will need to be even more Adaptable than ever to cope with change and the unpredictable.


All businesses need effective people - those who achieve results, initiate and manage change, engage with colleagues and remain stress free.


Now find out how to convert the average to good, the good to outstanding.


In the real world, people need to do appropriate things to achieve what the organisation needs.

PEP - The Key to Successful People


Individuals need to be able to get on with people at work, at home and in their social life. Sometimes their behaviour can be misinterpreted by others.


Successful people know how to adapt their behaviour in order to minimise these misinterpretations. They also have the fundamental reasoning and logic skills to solve problems and make decisions, not just at work but at home and in their social life.


PEP measures those fundamental adaptability elements that are responsible for results, effectiveness; success and productivity; de-railers that discount or destroy effectiveness and analyses how they impact what the individual achieves.


PEP's valid measures of individual behavioural and communications style its impact on interpersonal relations and its compatibility with the Organisation's Strategic Culture, create fit and alignment with the organisation.

Adaptability is responsible for:

  • Managing Change Effectively
  • Demonstrating Leadership Potential
  • Managing Stress & Well Being
  • Working with Others (teams, customers, networking)
  • Achieving Goals and Results
  • Personal Effectiveness & Productivity

Most individuals have never had the mirror put in front of them. Most are unaware of the impact of their behaviour on others and on tasks, or their organisational fit.



Adaptability correlates highly with on job effectiveness, success and results achievement.


Adaptability is especially important in global organisations where staff are transferred internationally as they need to make major adaptations to new circumstances, quickly.


 “De-railers” identify the personal characteristics of those individuals who are unlikely to fit in to your organisation, or who do things that discount all the good things they do.


Our diagnostic analysis shows how current levels of Adaptability impact the results achieved by your staff members. This provides high levels of precision in development programmes and a clear focus on the future of the business.


We can undertake all the consulting and diagnostic work with you. Alternatively we can train your own facilitators or preferred consulting providers in our methodology for a cost effective solution.

The PEP Family

Personal Effectiveness Profile

360 & Self Assessment

Analysis of an individual's behaviour, reasoning and emotional intelligence and its impact on results, effectiveness, potential,  change and coping with pressure.

Used For / Purpose



  • Personal Behaviour and Communication Style
  • Personal Adaptability/Effectiveness
  • Mental Toughness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The foundations of Leadership and Management

 Application / When to Use


  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Strategy Execution at individual level
  • Improving Relationships
  • Personal Change
  • Managing Stress and Well-Being
  • Fundamental "Survival" Skills
  • Becoming more adaptable
  • Personal/Organisational alignment
  • Senior Manager Capability Indicator

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Any Individual




Used For / Purpose


  • Internal & External Candidate selection
  • Indentifying results oriented candidates
  • Aligning candidates with organisation strategy & Culture
  • Avoiding expensive inappropriate hires (due to de-railers)

 Application / When to Use


  • Selecting the most effective candidates
  • Indentifying those most aligned to business strategy
  • Selecting those who will make greatest contribution
  • Eliminating emotionally unsuitable candidates
  • Selecting the most adaptable (cope with change, growth etc)
  • Choosing those with most potential for senior / strategic posts

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Any key part in the organisation irrespective of level, functions.


PEP-Choices (PEP-C)

Help your young employees, apprentices and students develop those characteristics that underpin success in work, education and their personal and social lives.

Used For / Purpose


  • Preparing young people for work
  • Character development
  • Effective contributing employees
  • Developing leadership potential
  • Widening participation in Higher Education

 Application / When to Use


  • Taking responsibility for own learning, themselves
  • Building resilience, perseverance, stickability
  • Developing optimism & self-confidence
  • Building and improving relationships
  • Developing open-mindedness, tolerance, respect
  • Drive, motivation, ambition to succeed

Sales Effectiveness Profile

Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness - Similar to PEP 360 but specifically researched for Sales and Customer  Service Staff

Used For / Purpose



  • Sales Behaviour & Communications Style
  • Adaptability to Customers & Sales Situations
  • Mental Toughness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Foundations for big ticket Sales Competencies

 Application / When to Use


  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Rapport & Customer Sensitivity
  • Improving Customer Relations
  • Personal Change
  • Becoming a more Adaptable Sales Person
  • Sales Motivation
  • Benchmarking Sales Person's Effectiveness

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Sales Staff
  • Call Centre Staff
  • Anyone in Customer Contact Role

Performance Coaching Inventory


Performance Coaching (PCI)  -  Measuring and individual's coaching skills, strategies, tactics, the coaching climate, empathy and effectiveness to create and sustain high levels of performance in others.

Used For / Purpose



  • Coaching Climate
  • Coaching Style & Appropriateness
  • Coaching Strategies, Tasks, Skills
  • Coaching Effectiveness


 Application / When to Use


  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Implementing Organisational Change through Coaching
  • Developing Others
  • Facilitation Effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching Experts
  • Benchmarking Coaches

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Anyone who is responsible for the performance of another
  • Any change agent or facilitator


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