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Health & Safety


You can reduce accidents so saving human suffering, time and cost and now you can calculate the financial ROI on your H&S development so proving the financial value to the business results.


Accidents, injuries, near-misses occur because of one or more of the following 3 reasons:-


  • Organisational i.e. the physical environment, facilities and the "culture" - corporate safety strategy, resource management, systems, processes, procedures.

  • Leadership - setting safety objectives to expectations, coaching and support and appreciation for safe working, cooperation and teamwork.

  • Individual - the autonomous but inappropriate behaviour of individuals driven by emotion, unthinking etc.


Few safety programmes look comprehensively at all these 3 levels, typically concentrating on only 1 of them or even worse, small elements of the them.


Result ?   Problems never get resolved once and for all.



Our research based, rigorous approach enables you to diagnose the specific causes of, and to isolate and deal with the real, specific issues that create risks, near misses, slips, trips, falls and all manner of accidents at your site(s), whether they be due to facilities, managerial or organisational behaviour or working practices. Saving lives, reducing accidents, improves well-being, productivity, and profitable working.

Organisational Health & Safety


So much effort and training for Health & Safety revolves around rules, regulations and procedures.


While important, our research into the real drivers of safety behaviour and accident rates shows that cooperation between staff and recognition from managers has more impact on safety behaviour than rules and regulations.


Now you can take an objective, rigorous, scientific approach to safety, accidents etc. Many organisations have done just about everything they can do to create safe working environments. Now it’s down to the people – the Human Factor.



One construction site went for over 1 million man hours without a single lost-time incident.


At an oil/petrol terminal the number of slips, trips, falls and spills was reduced significantly resulting in greater efficiencies, a more engaged workforce and minimised the time spent having to deal with incidents.

Safety Culture Survey

Used For / Purpose


  • Diagnoses causes of current H&S performance
  • Analysing what goes on in the organisation and how that affects H&S and Wellbeing
  • Improving Health & Wellbeing of employees
  • Improving H&S Performance
  • Provide ITN for Safety Training
  • Measure effectiveness of H&S Training etc

 Application / When to Use


  • Reducing sickness and absenteeism
  • Reducing accident rates and near misses
  • Improving Individual Safety Behaviour
  • Changing Safety Culture
  • Wellbeing and Safety Leadership

Recommended For / Who Involved


All Staff, Executives & Managers

H & S Leadership

Now you can diagnose and analyse the impact of each manager’s practices on the safety behaviour and accidents so that their development can be focused on those specific factors and not a generalised sheep-dip.

Used For / Purpose



  • Effectiveness of Team Members on Project Results
  • Consensus of Team Purpose and Goals
  • Effectiveness of Relationships with other Project Teams/Groups


 Application / When to Use


  • Diagnosis of effectiveness of small projects
  • Analysing effectiveness of any project team in a large project
  • Inter (Project) Team Development
  • Analysing causes of any project team effectiveness or ineffectiveness
  • Getting Project Team back on track
  • Benchmarking Project Teams

Recommended For / Who Involved


All members of a project team and


Manager of the project team

PEP Safety & Wellbeing

Some individuals may be more accident prone due to their impetuous attitudes or behaviour. Now you can identify those, analyse the effects of these negative attitudes on safety and develop out those traits which no amount of rules and regulations will even touch.

Used For / Purpose


  • Identify personal factors responsible for appropriate and inappropriate safety behaviour.
  • Identify personal factors responsible for wellbeing, stress, anxiety.
  • Develop appropriate mindset and behaviour to prevent accidents, live psychologically healthy life.

 Application / When to Use


  • Health & Safety / Accident prevention
  • Mindfulness  -  stress reduction
  • Identify sources of anxiety and wellbeing
  • Worksafe programmes. Team safety.

Recommended For / Who Involved


Any individual in any role.


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