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Results focused, transformational leaders.


Your leaders will achieve results directly aligned with your business strategy. They deliver what your business needs.

Effective leaders achieve the results the organisation needs, engage their staff and bring about appropriate change.


Based on highly advanced, rigorous international research, your leaders will achieve results directly aligned with your business strategy.


They will deliver what the business needs.


What leaders do affects your business results

- now find out how



Based on our ground breaking research into real world effective (and ineffective) leadership, our robust, objective approach diagnoses what each of your leaders does. It analyses the impact of their behaviour, competencies and leadership style on your business results. They change only those things that make the difference fast. This is about aligning leadership in the workplace to your strategy, not some academic view of leadership theories. It is practical, results focused. Effectiveness involves the appropriate management of resources as well as people directed toward achieving results.


Uniquely, the “de-railer” analysis identifies the most serious blockers to leadership effectiveness for each person. These can have 3 times the impact of a positive factor and need extra focus to remove them in order to increase the contribution your leaders make to the bottom line.


Versions exist for executive, middle and first line managers.



One national retailer demonstrated over 5 years the direct relationship between store manager effectiveness and store performance.


Some 70% of leaders are measured as significantly more effective after 6 months than they were previously.


A County Council has shown a measureable increase in productivity and efficiency directly related to improvements in leadership performance as analysed by the Verax approach.

We enable you to calculate a financial ROI on your leadership development and prove the impact on business results


We can undertake all the consultancy and diagnostic work with you. Alternatively we can train your own facilitators or preferred consultancy provider in our methodology for cost effective solution.

Leadership Diagnostics :


Leading for Results (LFR)  -  Analysis of an executive's leadership practices and style and their impact on business performance.

Used For / Purpose


  • Causes of a Leader's effectiveness (or ineffectiveness)
  • Impact of a Leader's Behaviour / Style on Business Performance
  • Appropriateness of Leadership Style
  • Effectiveness of Strategy Execution / Implementation

 Application / When to Use


  • Improving Business Results
  • Benchmarking Leaders
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Transformation through turbulent times
  • Developing Charisma
  • Evaluating Leadership Pre-, During-, Post-, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Aligning Leader with Organisation

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Executives
  • Strategic Management Group



Managing Performance

Managing Performance (MP)  -  Analysis of a middle/senior manager's effectiveness

and impact on business performance.

Used For / Purpose




  • High Performance Management Practices
  • Performance Management Practices
  • Management Style & Culture Alignment
  • Situational (Management) Effectiveness

 Application / When to Use


  • Benchmarking Senior / Middle Managers
  • Aligning Management Style to Organisational Culture
  • Improving Performance Management
  • Management Development for Senior (middle) Managers
  • Introduction to Senior Management skills
  • Strategy execution through management

Recommended for / Who involved


  • Senior (Middle) Managers


Team Leader Competencies

Team Leader Competencies (TLC)

Analysis of junior/middle manager's effectiveness and impact on business performance.

Used For / Purpose




  • Manager's / Supervisor's use of most widely practised Management Competencies
  • Management Style & Cultural Alignment
  • Change Management Behaviour
  • Managerial Effectiveness

 Application / When to Use


  • Alignment of Manager's Style with Organisational Performance
  • Enhancing Manager's Performance
  • Developing Managers for greater responsibility
  • Supervising/Managing others
  • Professionalisation of Managers on assignment
  • Junior/Middle Management Development
  • Execution of Strategy through junior or middle managers.
  • Benchmarking Junior / Middle Managers

Recommended for / Who involved


  • First Line Supervisors
  • Junior/Middle Managers
  • Assignment Managers
  • Temporary Managers



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