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Newsletter  : "Preparing for the World of Work"


Equipping young people to successfully make the transition from education to work.




Newsletter  : "How accident prone are you ?"


Identifying the root causes of accidents in the workplace.



Newsletter  : "Leadership for Achievement"


The secret of success. How your Leaders can achieve your Strategic Goals.




Newsletter  : "L & D Cinders - You shall go to the Ball !!"


For years L&D has been the Cinderella department within most organisations. All this could stop if L&D could prove the financial value of their contribution to the Organisation. L&D, no longer an on-cost, but a positive financial contributor.





Newsletter  : "A unique approach to Organisation Development"


What makes the Verax approach unique and how do we do it ?

Newsletter  : "A unique approach to Talent Development"


Development stops being an act of faith. With the Verax approach you know precisely how individuals and teams have developed - in measurable terms, plus the financial value of that development to the organisation.

Newsletter  :    "A unique approach to Calculating a Financial ROI on Learning, Change and Development"


Now you can calculate a genuine return on investment on learning, development, organisational change, coaching or e-learning.

Newsletter  : "The Talent Dichotomy"


The most underappreciated part of the transformation trinity of "people, process and technology" is people. Technology and process are incredibly important to get right, but the best designed technology or the most minutely constructed processes are only as good as the people using them..

Newsletter  : "Taking the Guesswork out of Change"


Minimising risk. Saving money. Aligning the organisation and delivering results.

Organisational Transformation, Development & Change: Exceptional Team Performance: High Performance Leadership: Effective Project Management: World Class Health & Safety Performance: Human Capital Management: Financial ROI on Learning & Development.

All aligned directly with your business strategy.

Newsletter  : "Successful, Profitable Talent Development"


Put certainty into talent development.  - Minimise risk  -  Save money and deliver a financial ROI on talent development  -  Align with the organisation's business performance objectives.


Talent development is an expensive investment. Now you will be able to show the value and return on that investment.

Newsletter  : "Beware the Sprinklings of Magic Dust"


Do the subjective wishes of senior managers, transformed through the “magic dust” created by the wordsmithing of consultants, HR etc, make all the CEO’s dreams come true?


Newsletter  : "5 Ways to make Change Successful"


The Verax approach has given clients what they wanted – lower costs, increased growth, greater efficiency – all vouched for and published.

Newsletter  : "Maturity - Not the aging process"


Has your organisation been "stood on its head" in the last 5 years or so? Many have – not always to good effect.

Newsletter  : "Don't Shunt De-Railers into the Sidings"


The reference to de-railers in our last newsletter has clearly struck a chord with many of you judging by the various comments and questions which the item provoked.


Newsletter  : "De-railers and Alignment"


It is essential to understand relationship between competencies and business results. But not all competencies are of equal value. Some are more pertinent than others and De-railers can throw everything out of alignment.


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